We endorse Alisa for Amherst At-Large!

Alisa is a smart and tenacious leader who has dedicated years towards improving our Amherst schools, town governance, and community. She faithfully takes the time to seek out other perspectives and information to help shape her opinions, and advocates fiercely on our behalf with local and state elected leaders on a wide range of issues. I deeply value her experience and believe she will be an asset to our new Amherst Town Council as a voice of reason and progressive thinking.
-- Anastasia Ordonez, Amherst School Committee Chair
A healthy and vibrant community can only exist if it is supported by good and honest community leaders. The new Town Council needs members that will represent the interests of all of Amherst’s residents. I’ve known Alisa Brewer for many years, I have always respected her integrity and honesty; especially when addressing crucial issues concerning town governance as well as current concerns in the Amherst community at large. Alisa knows and appreciates the diversity of Amherst and is supportive at every turn. The new Town Council needs members of Alisa’s experience and I wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy.
-- Ingrid Askew, former Commissioner, Amherst Human Rights Commission
We look forward to voting for Alisa Brewer for District Council at-large. She has proven she will be a dedicated and committed public servant. Over the years we’ve known her, she has demonstrated support for various grassroots initiatives acting as a bridge to underrepresented groups to Town Hall. She is a facilitator and problem-solver and will make a great Town Councilor!
-- Vira and Ed Cage
I support Alisa Brewer for Town Council because she has the experience necessary to help the new Council move forward on the many important issues that will face all of us, as residents, and the Council as our new form of government.
-- Elisa Campbell
Alisa is a tremendous asset for the Amherst community and truly a leader that is dedicated to helping ALL residents of Amherst. During my time as UMass Amherst Student Government President, Alisa was instrumental in assisting us secure early voting on the UMass campus for four days prior to the November 2016 national elections. This undertaking was groundbreaking in providing easy access to democracy for the students of UMass. This also illustrates that Alisa is willing and able to assist all Amherst residents including students, a demographic often overlooked. I fully support Alisa’s candidacy for town council and I encourage all Amherst residents especially students to vote Alisa Brewer.
-- Anthony Vitale UMass Amherst SGA President 2016-2018
Alisa knows the needs and challenges of Amherst, thanks to her 16 years of service on the School Committee and Select Board. Her expertise and her attention to detail will be will be extremely valuable for the new Town Council's work.
-- John Olver
I have had many opportunities to work with Alisa through my work on the Board of Health, Town Meeting, Chamber of Commerce, as a business owner, and through several community service organizations. Alisa is smart, diligent, hardworking and has the experience we need as Amherst moves into our new form of government. I support her without reservation.
-- Julie Marcus
Alisa Brewer has deep knowledge and proven experience in local governance. While raising a family, she served on the Amherst a School Committee. Following that she has served for 4 consecutive terms on the Amherst Select Board. She’s the person I go to to find out the history of an issue or to provide me with insightful political advice.
-- Connie Kruger, Amherst Select Board
Alisa Brewer has a deep commitment to our Town and a long record of dedicated public service. She has demonstrated her commitment to fair process and the inclusion of many voices. Her strong desire for social justice informs her work, and makes her a valuable leader for our Town. She is skillful in engaging people to take the steps needed to address public issues and to implement effective actions.
-- Russ Vernon-Jones
Alisa is one of the most experienced and dedicated town leaders on the ballot. For years now she has worked tirelessly for the betterment of Amherst and all its residents. She is a smart, progressive thinker, who understands the issues facing our community, and is an indispensable choice for the new council. We cannot imagine town government without her.
-- David Gillham and Ludmilla Pavlova-Gillham
Alisa has years of experience in town government. She's a good listener, a straight talker and she has the ability to read and explain complicated legal issues. All of Alisa's skills will be beneficial to the new town council and I believe she will be an important part of this exciting transition time.
-- Rebecca Fricke
Alisa Brewer has the knowledge, experience and commitment to just actions that is required at this transitional time. Her remarkable service across two decades will bring significant positive impact to our town. Vote for Alisa Brewer!
-- Susan Kennedy Marx
I eagerly endorse Alisa Brewer for the position of At Large Town Council Member. I have known Alisa ever since she ran for Select Board and I agreed to be her treasurer.

As a long time resident of Amherst I have been impressed by her wide range of knowledge of how our town functioned as well as needs to improve. I have participated in variety of municipal activities primarily housing and the Community Block Grant process. Alisa was always able to discuss and understand the issues related to human service concerns.

Having been a member of Amherst Town Meeting for nineteen years I was also able to observe her strong ability to express her positions clearly . This skill will be essential as a member of Amherst Town Council.
-- Nancy Gregg
Alisa makes the time to participate in Chamber ribbon cuttings because she understands the importance of welcoming new businesses to Amherst. I also knew I could count on her to help us coordinate event calendars, and to sell soda at the annual Taste! She is generous with her time and always has been there to support the work I do.
-- Kim Alli, former Marketing & Membership Director, Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce
Alisa's service in Town government has been exemplary. The new Town Council needs her expertise.
-- Marilyn Hecht Blaustein, former Finance Committee and 20+ year Town Meeting member and Jeff Blaustein, former 20+ year Town Meeting member
Alisa’s long service on the School Committee and now on the Select Board has given her a thorough understanding of our town’s strengths and needs. The town will benefit greatly from having someone with this much experience on the council.
-- Kay Moran, former Finance Committee chair, former member of the DPW Fire Station Advisory Committee
As Amherst transitions to a new structure of government, Alisa's two decades of service in various elected offices in our town will be of inestimable value to the deliberations and other work of our town council. Throughout her tenure as a town meeting, school committee, and select board member, Alisa has shown a capacity to work with residents from diverse backgrounds and points of view - sometimes even people in opposing camps - to craft by-laws and policies that move our town forward, while maintaining our town's unique charms.
-- Lawrence O’Brien, former School Committee member
Alisa has served the Town of Amherst on both the School Committee and on the Select Board, and her long experience and deep knowledge of the town will be invaluable to the new Amherst Town Council as it defines its new roles and priorities. She has demonstrated her very strong commitment to the town during her years as an elected official through hard work for the town and by attending a wide variety of community meetings, outside committee meetings, and district and state level meetings. The breadth of her interests and contacts have benefited our town. Her progressive and reasoned approach to issues, and her willingness to listen to all views and to respect all individuals make her a valuable leader. I respected her contributions when I served with her on the Amherst and Regional School Committees, and I am pleased to support Alisa for the Amherst Town Council.
-- Elaine Brighty, former School Committee member